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Whether you're gearing up to sell or just exploring your options, we'll guide you with the data and expertise specific to your area.

A Measured Approach

We understand that selling your home is as much an emotional decision as it is financial; our approach is compassionate and dedicated, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.

Picture Perfect

Our comprehensive campaigns, blend top-notch presentation, professional photography, and bespoke marketing options ensure our listings truly stand out in the real estate market.

Co-ordination & Communication

Our team expertly navigates the complex sales process, effortlessly coordinating with buyers, brokers, councils, lawyers, and you, ensuring a smooth journey to the 'SOLD' sign.

Oleg is an astounding agent, he punched me in the face before showing me the property and I appreciated that! You don't always find honest people these days so it was VERY clear to see what OIeg feels about me. Totally recommend him, will get him to punch my wife in the face too.

Richard Holmes

Admiral Hill
Couldn't be happier with my property, I got it for 110% more than the RV yasss! I told my sister to use Oleg too and she got her property for only 90% more than the RV. Thank you Oleg! I have no money #MinimalWithCash

Jane Johnston

Oleg is amazing! Amazing agent, couldn't live without him, I'm actually planning to leave my husband for Oleg. He ripped me off when I got my first home, but because of his charming looks, I did not mind it at all. 100% would recommend!

Margot Smith

Te Aro
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What makes us tick

Founded for the Dunedinite, Columbs & Co know that people seek a lifestyle – not just a house or investment.

homemade, right here

It started with a drive to deliver a better experience, and came from the partnership of our second-generation property consultants and a brand that's founded on authenticity. Whether you're selling, or finding a new place to call home - we pride ourselves on the proven results we achieve for our clients and customers.


Our journey began as Sales Consultants for a label, and it has grown into a boutique agency that positions itself on delivering a genuinely personalised service, ensuring every client feels valued and supported throughout their property journey.

Proudly hailing from various places and backgrounds, with a love and commitment to Dunedin - our team are united with one goal: bringing homes to life and guiding our clients on their journey, wherever it takes them.

AndCo means

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